Frequently Asked Questions

 How long is the flight?
Our flights are on average about an hour long and can last between 45 minutes to just over one hour depending on the wind speed, direction and weather conditions on the day of the flight.
Your pilot will be seeking to give you the very best flight experience in the weather conditions and prevailing wind directions on the day.
Ballooning is not only the flight itself but also watching the preparation.
The whole experience including hotel pick-ups, post flight celebration and transport back to your accommodation or requested drop-off point can last between three and three and a half hours. The serendipity of landing is part of the romance and adventure.
Flights over 40 minutes are deemed completed.

Is ballooning safe?
Hot air ballooning is an extremely safe activity which is regulated with strict safety guidelines.
We are licensed by the Royal Jordanian Airforce and all our pilots hold full commercial pilot’s licences. Our balloons are built to the highest standards required by the U.K. Civil Aviation
Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency.
We operate under the supervision of an approved aviation maintenance organisation with in-house engineers and inspectors who are factory trained and hold internationally accepted maintenance qualifications. All our pilots and ground crew receive regular first aid and fire fighting training from nationally approved organisations.

 What if you are scared of heights?

Most people who are afraid of heights are not usually affected when flying in a balloon.
The basket is very stable, it is unlikely to rock or sway and there is little sensation
of movement during flight, it is as though the scenery moves and you stand still.

 How many people can fit in one balloon?

Our standard concept is to carry 12 or 16 passengers in one balloon depending on
which size balloon we are flying.
Each basket is partitioned so that the pilot compartment with all flight equipment is separate to the passengers, the maximum number of passengers in each compartment will be either 3 or 4 depending on which balloon you are flying in.
All our baskets contain safety equipment so that all passengers are seated when landing.

 What do we get for the price?

A memory that we hope will last a lifetime; transport to and from your hotel to
launch and landing site, wonderful flight, before and after flight snack and beverage.
All passengers receive a flight certificate signed by their pilot as a souvenir.
There is also a download of inflight photos from our digital camera which hangs
from the balloon and photographs the entire basket and surrounding aerial scene.

Where do we take-off?

The location of the take-off site is determined by the wind speed and direction
prevailing on the morning of the flight, the location of the launch site is decided by
the pilot in command on the day.
Where do we land?
Where the wind takes you, it’s part of the romance and adventure, we won’t know
precisely until we get there.

Can our children fly?

For safety reasons there are age and height restrictions. We set a minimum age of 8
years old, but as a general rule, all passengers must be able to see over the side of
the basket.

Can I get my money back if the flight is cancelled?

Yes of course! Balloons Over Rum only operates when the pilot decides that the
weather is suitable, and it is safe to fly. There is a possibility that on some
unfortunate occasions we may have to cancel the flight at the launch site for safety
reasons. In that case we will offer you an alternative flight date or a 100% refund.

Why do I have to give my weight?

It is important that we receive the correct weight of each passenger at the time of
booking as the combined total weight of the passengers on board is a legally
required calculation made by the pilot during their pre-flight safety checks.
(Please note, that if you are over 110kg. in weight you will be charged an additional
50% of the ticket price.)

Can I fly in a balloon if I am pregnant?

Balloons Over Rum have a well-established rule that for safety reasons we will not
fly you if you are pregnant.
If your situation has changed after you made your booking, please kindly advise us
and we will give you a full refund and our congratulations. We will then hope to see
you after the happy day.